Redesigned for 2010, and flown by former AKA National Champion Quad-line  flyer, Scott Weider,

I have spent the better part of 15 years flying with the “Magic Quad Sticks” attached to the back of my Revolution kites, understanding the philosophy behind the design should help you make the most of your flying time, improving your skills with a better understanding of the characteristics of the “Magic Quad Sticks” on a Revolution kite. The “Sticks” were designed to increase the inter-dependancy of the wings on a Rev, thus enhancing the ability to fly in reverse, increasing the glide ratio for 3d type tricks, such as catch and throws, and with the interdependent wings the weight distribution across the body of the wing changes the center of balance when the kite is flat, as in axel rotations, the “Sticks” also provide advantages during Flic Flac type moves, in the air or near the ground to execute rolled up landings and then unroll it to easily relaunch the kite, without the extension of the sticks and lines off the back of the kite, these rolled up landings are nearly impossible to do. With the “Sticks” installed your essentially making a flat kite a form of three dimensional box type kite, enabling the fly lines to wrap around the kite to leverage your recoveries to a normal flying configuration.

With over 16 years of use World Wide, It’s proven that the original “Magic Quad Sticks” makes a great kite a little different. One of the most convenient benefits with the “Sticks” is in the initial setup of your kite, with the extension of the sticks on the back they provide a sort of kickstand and keeps the kite leading edge down in a launch-able position on the ground without the need of a kite stake holding it up. It’s actually safer on the ground parked with no tension on the end of the line at the handles, the kite will not launch and fly or flip around aimlessly if the lines are accidently caught up in another kite flying by or someone walking through the fly lines. No tension on the end of fly lines, the kite will not launch.

Wether you have flown Revolutions kites for years or are brand new flyer the “Magic Quad Sticks” will provide you convenient alternatives to an already great flying kite.